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Clever Canary designs and builds intelligent applications that help sophisticated users get complex tasks done.

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We work with enterprise, startups, and scientists.

You are an entrepreneur.We are a product studio.

We'll work with you to deeply understand your users' needs and create an application they'll love.

Our process from 10,000 feet.

  • Understand the Current State

    Interview users and stakeholders to understand the current information flows and pain points.

  • Brainstorm the Version Awesome

    Work together to design a compelling solution that also collects actionable data.

  • Develop Iteratively and Incrementally

    Build to communicate, validate and approach the vision while learning from usage data.

What we do.

  • Product Design

    Building the right product is just as important as building the product right. Bring us the right problem and together we'll find a great solution.

  • UI/UX Design

    If users can't figure out how to use it, they won't. Start with a solid base, keep measuring usage, keep iterating.

  • Technical Design

    It can't just look good. It has to work while being secure, reliable, scalable, and supportable.

  • Software Development

    To iterate quickly requires code that not only works but is readable and testable.

  • DevOps

    Setup and maintenance of complex auto scaling AWS infrastructure with docker and cloud formation.

  • Security Review

    Review of existing AWS infrastructure for security best practices.

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What kind of projects do we take on?

  • Health Care

    Care management to reduce resource over/under utilization, monitor activity, make standard practice the best practice.

  • Legal Tech

    Document storage, search and retrieval, contract templating and management, litigation workflow tools.

  • Basic Research

    Modern web front ends for file search and data browsing.

UCSC Boardwalk File Browser

This customizable faceted file search tool lets users select files to download based combinations of attributes.

  • boardwalk

We're looking for a few great innovators.

We'd love to hear more about your project.

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