Tools and Resources for Open Genomics

Clever Canary helps organizations fulfill the promise of genomics by making data, tools and results easier to discover, use and share.

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You are an institutional leader.We are product developers.

We'll work with your team to understand your users' goals and behaviors and help build an internet application that empowers discovery.

Our Services

  • Product Design

    Requirements capture, current state analysis, success metrics definition, and option generation for improving the scientific workflow.

  • UI/UX Design

    Design brief development and implementation. Review of current state, prior art, development and review of clickable mocks.

  • User Analytics

    Google Analytics implementation with custom reports showing how the site is used in detail.

  • Community Portal Development

    GatsbyJS "JAM Stack" portals with content in markdown, managed in Git.

  • Cohort Builder and Data Search Development

    Schema driven faceted search and cohort download or export to cloud based execution environments.

  • Web App Development

    CSS, Javascript, Typescript development in React or AngularJS.

  • Content Creation

    Hero unit and value proposition definition, copywriting, technical writing, training materials and technical diagrams.

  • Search and Social Optimization

    Search engine submission, automated search engine sitemaps, review and solicitation of inbound links.

  • Web Application Security Implementation

    Work with your security team to address identified vulnerabilities and implement best practices.

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  • d3jsexceljupytermaterialpythonrabbitreactiveXsocketIOtypescriptwebpack

Our Approach

  • Understand the Current State

    Use usage analytics and stakeholder interviews to understand user goals, usage patterns and pain points.

  • Brainstorm the Version Awesome

    Work together to design a compelling solution that also collects actionable usage data.

  • Develop Iteratively and Incrementally

    Approach the vision while learning from usage analytics and user interviews.

Our Work


Goldman, M.J., Craft, B., Hastie, M. et al. Visualizing and interpreting cancer genomics data via the Xena platform. Nat Biotechnol (2020).

The open access preprint is available on BioRxiv.

We're working to help to bring science online by developing tools and community resources for open, reproducible, sharable genomic analysis.

We'd love to discuss your project and how we can help move it forward.

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